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Being a Mom and an Athlete...

one wouldn't be the same without the other!

All I've ever wanted to do in life is be a mom. I even wrote about it in my 4th grade career day book in elementary school. Little did I know how wonderful, but not so wonderful it would really be.

Being a mom means you get up in the middle of the night to clean puke out of your kid's hair, you roll up at the grocery store looking like a hot mess half the time because you've been snuggling with your kids all morning instead of taking time to get ready, you sneak around with a silly little elf at Christmas time just to see the excitement on your kids face, you spend many sleepless nights worrying if you are doing the right things as a parent, your whole pantry consists on Gold Fish and Cheeze-Its, Disney World is actually one of your favorite places, you start singing along to Sesame Street when it comes on the tv, and you say the most ridiculous things out loud most of the time ("stop wiping boogers on the window, I just got my car cleaned").

Being a mom is NOT easy. It challenges you and changes you in every sense of the word. There are days when you don't think you'll make it and then there are days when you feel like you've got it all in the bag. Being a mom teaches us to be a better, that life isn't all about us, and that it's ok to fail sometimes.

Being an athlete presents the same characteristics. We fail, we get back up, and we try again. Some races we kick ass and some are extremely heartbreaking. Both experiences mold us and make us better. We learn from the disappointments, and we hold onto the victories (and use them to propel us forward).

I'm thankful to have these two titles in my life. Running and racing make me a better mom. Being a mom makes me a better athlete. A bad mom day warrants a speedy afternoon at the track. There's nothing else in the world that can make me feel better than that! And when I come home, my bad mom day has a way of turning it's way around. There's also nothing like bombing an important race and having those sweet little faces at the finish line telling you that you are the best runner out there and they love you so much even though you didn't win (LOL).

Life is a funny thing. The things we experience and learn make who we are. The ups, the downs, the happys, the sads, the wonderful, the crappy-it's all worth it. All of it. Have faith in the journey, love in your heart, and keep moving forward. Don't let the hard things harden you...let them guide you to a much better place.

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