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Don't Quarantine Your Diet

Ways to cope with your nutrition during uncertain times

This is certainly a scary time in our world right now. We've had to create a new normal. Kids are being home schooled, people are working from home (or have lost their job), social distancing is being enforced, there's limited food and supplies at stores, and almost all restaurants and businesses are either closed or only offering limited services. Feeling out of control and anxious right now is probably an understatement for most of us! Not knowing what tomorrow will bring is downright scary. But-on a brighter note, there are some things that we can stay in control of. And that's keeping our mind, body and spirit healthy. I'm going to break down a few things I've done thus far that's kept me feeling a little above water through this crazy time....  

Exercise, Facetime with family/friends, hiking nearby trails, funny family movies, not being glued to the TV/social media and prayer (ok, and maybe a few cocktails here and there LOL) have all helped lighten my mood around here! Trying to stay on some sort of schedule every day has been a huge help in keeping us all sane. Mapping our day out on a white board for everyone to see has created a sense of normalcy, especially for our kiddos.  

I've kept my typical running schedule alive and my workouts going strong. Seriously- getting my blood pumping and hitting goals is my natural antidepressant. Getting exercise right now is more important than ever, as we all may not be as active as normal being at home all day. Hit the hiking trails, play baseball with your kids in the yard, walk your dog, take advantage of all these free workouts floating around on social media! Carve out 30 mins-1 hour a day to get your body moving and those endorphins going! Don't forget that I have a TON of workouts on my IG page for you to use and they are all FREE! I'm also doing a live workout session for HeadSweats on Friday, so be sure to join in for that (more details to come)! 

I think the hardest thing of all right now is nutrition. Everyone I've talked to keeps saying they're eating too much junk, drinking too much, and/or their diet is off kilter. I GET IT, YA'LL! Being around the fridge and pantry all day-not to mention being stressed out, is a perfect storm to gain some lbs. Here's what I'm working hard to do each day so we won't come out of this quarantine looking like a bunch of butterballs LOL.

1.Have set meals times: Breakfast at 8, snack at 11, lunch at 1, snack at 3, and dinner at 6. That mindless grazing can really add up the calories!

2.Drink LOTS of water to keep you fuller longer and keep you hydrated. I have a half gallon water bottle that I aim to drink every day (a full gallon if I can!). Put lemon in your water for detox benefits and also to add a little flavor. I'm loving those AHA and Bubbly sparkling waters and these are great options too!

3.Be sure to add plenty of protein to your plate! Protein helps your muscles to recover from hard efforts and keeps you fuller longer!

4.Don't stop the meal prepping and planning! Being organized is the key to success-period.

5.Stick to complex (slower digested) carbs such as brown rice, sweet potatoes, starchy veggies, beans. They provide long-lasting energy (meaning no spikes in your blood sugar, which makes you more hungry), aid in weight loss, and are packed full of good nutrients.

6.Limit your alcohol intake. Having a drink or two can be relaxing and fun, BUT drinks contain so many empty calories that can really pile on the weight. Stick with lower calorie drinks such as: prosecco/champagne, vodka and soda with lemon and lime, diet coke and rum, or a light beer.

Here are some healthier snack ideas that I recommend! You can add these to your list to help keep things under control in the nutrition department. (I try to aim for at least 10g of protein and around 150-200 calories):

  • a cup of Greek yogurt (lowfat/fat free)
  • 2 Tbsp of almond butter or pb with a green apple
  • a cheese stick and handful of turkey pepperoni
  • 1/2 chicken breast with 1/2 avocado
  • flavored tuna pouch 
  • 2 boiled eggs and a handful of berries
  • Baby Bell (light) cheese and a beef jerky stick
  • a lightly salted rice cake with 2 tbsp of almond butter/pb
  • 10-12 raw almonds, red bell pepper slices with a dollop of hummus
  • a Jimmy Bar (they've got keto friendly bars now too!)
  • handful of baby carrots with 2 tbsp of homemade guacamole and a boiled egg
  • handful of cherry tomatoes dipped in Greek yogurt dressing and 2 slices of turkey meat

During this uncertain time, its super important to first and foremost- stay calm! Keep things as normal as possible and be sure to get out in the fresh air when you can. Know that in time, this too shall pass! Let's all do our part to keep the social distancing in place and stay at home!! Enjoy this downtime with your family and loved ones. Use this time to reconnect, slow down a bit, and get to those unfinished projects around the house done! Make time for exercise and take control of your nutrition. If you need any support or someone to talk to, please reach out! We're all in this together, you guys!

Stay safe, stay sane, and hang in there!

Until next time,


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