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Finding Joy in What You're Doing!

I've found that in the past I have suffered plenty of burnouts. Pushing myself too hard when training for a race, forcing myself to do too many marathon training cycles back to back, volunteering until I resented it so much, saying "yes" to favors way more than I should have, and trying to cultivate relationships that were very toxic. Joy was lost along the way. I've realized over time, that it was time to start living for me. We only get once life to live and I choose to live it with joy, my joy.

The beauty of life is that we get to make it our own. There's no cookie cutter way of living. Sometimes we get so caught up in what everyone else is doing, comparing ourselves, putting expectations on ourselves, and doing what we "think" we should be doing. Gosh, do we have it all wrong! I've found that when I'm living that way, I am resentful, unhappy, and not living my best life. Am I right?!

I'm not saying we aren't supposed to show up to work on time, put in the effort when training for a race, or pay our taxes.....but what I am saying, is that we can control or alter the way we are living our lives based on where we find happiness. Not every day is going to be great, nor are you going to get along with everyone-that's life. You can, however, control how you handle it and how you approach situations. If you work in a job that is going nowhere and you are capable of more, find something else that challenges you!! If you are in a toxic relationship with someone who constantly belittles you, respect yourself and get out-you deserve so much more! If your marathon training has you feeling exhausted, injured, and/or burnt out-back off-your sanity and health is more important than what people think (and honestly people don't care nearly as much as you do!). God gave you a brain-use it! Make the most out of your life and what you're doing.

Some questions that I ask myself as a point of reference in helping me decide whether something is serving me well are: Does it make me happy? Does it cause more stress? Would I be sad if I let it go? How is it making my life better? I've also learned that there's always a nice way to let people down, a way to set healthy boundaries, and a way to say "no" without hurting feelings. My life and my feelings come first, no matter what! Too bad I wasn't better about this 10 years ago!

Are you living your life for you? In what ways can you change the structure of your life to find more joy?

"A flower blossoms for its own joy." -Oscar Wilde

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