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Lazy Days of Summer

soak it up, ya'll!

Summertime can be so hard when it comes to consistency and keeping things in check. It's a season of vacations, cookouts, pool days, and relaxation. It's a time we all look forward to, but also a time that we can tend to slip up and neglect our health. We sip a beer too many poolside, we don't get up early for that workout because the kids are home, and we indulge too many days in a row due to lack of routine.

I'll be the first to tell you that I'm totally guilty of all of this. I tend to hold onto a little extra "fluff" over the summer because all of the above (plus, I loathe hot and humid running-blah!)! More reasons are also because my husband's birthday and mine are a week a part (also right after the 4th of July) and we enjoy taking summer family trips. All of this means-too much cake, lots of libations, many meals eaten out, and more sleeping in.

I know all of this about myself and that's OK! It's my life and it's a season. It's one of my very favorite times of year and I'm going to enjoy every second of it. With that being said, I also try and balance out what I'm eating and try my best to stay on top of my exercise regime. Instead of noshing on 3 slices of pizza that we ordered after an evening swim at the pool, I'll have one slice and make a healthy green salad to eat with it. I make sure to pack healthy snacks when heading to the beach or day trip (almonds and dried fruit, rice cakes, boiled eggs, protein bars). I still keep my workout schedule written out week to week, but cut my run paces/distance if it's just too hot or interferes with family plans if need be. I also find that having accountability partners for summer running helps me out a ton.

Whatever season you find most difficult to stay motivated in, allow yourself some grace. You are doing the best you can. Know that seasons come and go, just as your priorities and motivations do. That's OK. Make a plan, do the best you can, and move on. You will feel much better giving yourself a little wiggle room when you need it.  

With that being said, my Summer will be a big challenge! My hubby turns 40, we are moving, and we are taking a trip to Key West, the beach, and Sweden. Exciting things ahead, but lots of inconsistency!

I hope that if you are in the same boat as me, you will be ok with not being in your normal routine. Find ways to stay healthy and balanced, but allow enough room to relax and have fun. Enjoy your family and long summer days. It will fly by and you don't want to miss a second of it. Happy Summer, Friends! Be happy, healthy, and live a little!

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