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The most important wardrobe investment you can make

Working out is not easy. There are days when you need some extra motivation to get started. Even on days when you’re fired up to get your sweat session done, your workout clothing is a huge part of your enjoyment of the activity you've chosen. It has to fit you properly, and I believe you have to feel good in it. Why not feel beautiful while you are working to better yourself? Finding the perfect workout gear for your body type and your workouts can be tough!

I've tried many different styles and brands of athletic clothing and have found some really good ones that work for me. If I'm going to be working hard on my fitness, I want to feel good about what I'm wearing, how it compliments my shape, and how it feels.

In fact, I feel so strongly about my athletic wear, I'm pretty sure I have more workout outfits than I do daily life outfits.

Saucony is my favorite running shoe brand. My favorite shoe model is the Kinvara. It's supportive, light, stylish, and comfortable. The Kinvara normally costs around $110 and typically lasts around 300 miles. These are great for tempo runs, racing, and faster paced running workouts. The Saucony Freedom is another one of my running shoe favorites. Like the Kinvara, the Freedom is light, but more durable, and you can get more mileage out of them. These are great for longer runs when you need a little more support.

I love Saucony because they suit my foot and my run training style. Make sure you visit your local running store and get fitted for your running shoes.

Your sports bra might be one of the most important purchases you make when you begin a workout program. I used to wear two sports bras at a time until I discovered brands that fit properly and provided the right level of support. BOYBU is one of my favorite sport bra brands. The one I have on above is comfortable, doesn't rub , and provides the right support for me. I really like LuLuLemon, Beach Body, and Glyder sports bras. I love to wear the fun (and not so supportive) strappy sports bras for yoga and exercises that don't require as much support. Ziane Active, of course Lululemon, Onzie Flow, Mono b, and With Wear it to heart all make fantastic bras suitable for yoga or very low impact sessions.

If I am running, you will probably find me in Lululemon Speed Shorts. They are my absolute favorite. The Speed Shorts have a draw string in front to tighten around your waist (if you have a smaller waist but need more room in the hips and legs), which suits me well! There's also a small little zipper pouch in the back where you can put a small car key, GU, or debit card. Out of all my workout gear, these are my favorite!

I probably own fifteen pairs of these shorts, and always have room for another print or color.

As for workout tops, I adore the Oiselle brand. Oiselle's tops are light, breathable, and great for a sweaty workout. Lululemon also has some amazing tops for hard workouts, and always plenty of variety in colors and styles to choose from.

Other must haves in my athletic wardrobe are:

Oiselle brand visor (best by far)

Feetures wicking socks (prevents blisters and rubbing)

Glyder leggings for yoga

ZSupply transition pieces to wear to and from your workout

Finding the perfect athletic wear is important in supporting your active lifestyle. You certainly don't have to go spend buckets of money on your wardrobe, but finding quality pieces that will last goes a long way. I find that Target, The Gap, TJ Maxx and Marshall's also carry lots of awesome workout gear that is reasonably priced, super cute, and holds up well. Find what works for you, what you feel best in, and what keeps you motivated! It makes all the difference in the world!

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