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Myrtle Beach Half Marathon - One to Remember

This is the story of the best, and worst, race ever.

It’s time for my Myrtle Beach Half Marathon race recap. I always enjoy reading race recap blogs from other athletes. It inspires me, I learn, and it helps me see that we are all really in this together.

This race weekend did not start off the way I planned. My son ended up in the ER with a busted chin, typical car trip shenanigans with the kids had us irritated (“he’s touching me”, “she farted on me”- parents, you know the drill), and we didn’t get on the road until much later than we planned. We arrived to our hotel very late and didn’t eat dinner until 8:30, which is not ideal the night before a 6:30am race start. This is where faith in your training and mindset comes in. Nothing was going as planned, but I had put the work in and it was time for me to believe in myself.

The 4 am alarm came quickly but I was full of adrenaline and ready to go. Once we arrived at the race start, the wind and cold reminded me of just how little control I would have over this day and this race. That’s all we have on race day, whatever we bring to the start line and whatever elements are given to you by the race and nature. Sometimes things are in our favor, and sometimes they aren’t. When you’ve been training hard and have high goals, a bad race can really impact your confidence for a long time.

Once the gun went off, I settled into a pace that felt strong, but comfortable. To my surprise, by mile 5, I was still maintaining a pace I was super happy about and I felt surprisingly good. I was running alongside a guy that helped me stay on pace too. By mile 8, which is where I usually know how a half marathon will go for me, I knew I was headed for a strong personal best time. A spectator held up 3 fingers to let me know my place among the females in the race and that fueled my fire. By mile 9, the head wind really started picking up and made it difficult to maintain my pace, so I focused on my jammin’ tunes and made the most of the buildings that shielded me every once in while. At mile 11, a female athlete passed me. Regardless, I kept chugging along because I was still on track for a strong personal best. I crossed the finish line with a gun time of 1:26:22. There are no words to describe how I felt crossing that finish line.

There is nothing like putting in the hard work, persevering, and earning a personal best in a race. This race wasn’t for anyone else. This race didn't pay my bills. This race was for me. I needed to prove some things to myself, and do a better job believing in myself and my training.

You will have races that reflect your training and you may even surprise yourself sometimes. You’ll have bad races too, but they don’t define you. Circumstances aren’t always ideal or desirable, but you make the best of it, put your freaking race hat on, and do your thing. Don’t let negative vibes slow your roll. You’ve got this through the good, bad, and the ugly.

And then, when that race happens, the one where you just nail it and everything comes together like it should, hang on to that. Let it motivate you and fuel your fire to achieve your next big goal. I know I will!

Until next time,


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