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Putting Goals into Perspective

and learning to start small

I feel that there's a huge misconception in making goals. I see so many people pile their plates with too many (unrealistic) goals. It's great to want to do better and to be better, but people need to understand that you have to start small. Making goals is a lifestyle change, not something you do for a few weeks and fall of the wagon-only to find yourself in that vicious cycle, which creates low self esteem and anxiety.

The first thing I stress to my clients is that their goals need to be something that they are excited to do. Making yourself do things that don't spark a flame over a period of time gets old really quickly. There needs to be a good purpose for what you want to achieve- not just "I want to look awesome for my high school reunion". If your goal is just to be skinny for that one night and fit into that dress, you know that dress won't fit a month after your reunion.

My suggestion in wanting to achieve things such as losing weight, is to start simple and small. Don't dive in and deprive yourself, turn down drinks with friends, or not allow yourself to have a slice of pizza. If you love doing those things-DO THEM! This life is meant to enjoy! Make a plan, be smart and make small changes, because over time this is where you will see the biggest results (and that stick!).

  1. Only pick one or two things that you want to work on (ex: lose 10 lbs)
  2. Be realistic in the time line to achieve losing those 10 lbs. 2 weeks is not going to cut it either! And no pills or special diets will speed up the process. 
  3. Make a plan. Work with a coach to help map out a reasonable plan that will work best for you!
  4. Don't take away everything at once and don't get crazy at the gym every single day. That will get old fast and you'll end up saying "screw this"!
  5. Know that what works for some, may not work for you. Everyone is at a different level of fitness and health. This is your journey, so don't compare yourself!

Some suggestions to help keep your goals attainable are doing things like this: having 2 slices of pizza and a side salad for dinner instead of your regular 5 slices; if you are only working out at the gym 2 days a week-aim for 3 or 4- don't get crazy and jump to 7 days; choose activities that you love-if you hate to run, then my goodness don't do it!; eat your sweet treats if you want them, but don't indulge every day-pick 2 nights a week to have them; include friends and family in your journey- the accountability and support can help so much! 

So, reach high for those goals ya'll! Know your boundaries, be patient and start small. Over time, it will pay off and those goals will become a part of your lifestyle. If you need any help organizing your goals and putting them into perspective that makes sense for you- let me know! I'd be happy lead you on the right path!

Sending much love and support at the start of this brand new year! Let's make it a good one you guys.

Until next time,


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