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Spring Has Sprung

And it's a perfect time to get your rear in gear!

This time of year always makes me feel so energized and motivated. I love the extra daylight and the warmer weather. There's more time to be active and less time freezing my ass off! I'm not sure why we start the whole "New Year's resolution-let's get in shape" at the start of the year. I think we'd all agree January is the hardest month of the year to get motivated for fitness.

Don't worry if you are just coming out of hibernation and getting back on track. Take advantage of the season and set some goals. Make a plan that is doable for you and do self assessments each week to make sure you aren't headed for burnout. Getting healthy has to be a lifestyle change, not just a cycle of unrealistic expectations and crashes. Start small, especially if you haven't been in the groove for a while. Designate 3 days week to be active (riding your bike, running, walking, lifting weights, etc). As you become stronger and build more endurance, you'll be more tolerant of more days and longer workouts. If you will approach this with baby steps, you'll find it works!

Being organized is the key to success. Make sure you are aware of your current fitness before making a plan to ensure you are not expecting too much of yourself at one time, or being too easy on yourself. With that being said, get out there, get your rear in gear and soak up this amazing Spring weather. This can be your new "New Years resolution". It's the perfect time to create some healthy habits that will last you throughout the whole year.

What will you do today to move your body and love yourself? Tell me!

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