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Stop the Diet Madness

and start living, for goodness sake!

If there's one thing that I want to get across to my clients, friends and family , it's that there's NO such thing as a diet. There's no easy way out and there's no quick fix. There's no magic pill, special shake, detox tea, or crazy grapefruit diet that will keep your weight off. It's all about creating a lifestyle that you can maintain and live with for the rest of your life.

Listen, I've been there, done that with all of those crazy gimmicks to lose some extra weight before a special event or a trip to the beach. You know if you're reading this, you've been there too! Although you may initially lose the weight, it won't stay off because you can't live off grapefruits for the rest of your life!

Over time and realizing as I get older, it's not about the weight. It's about health. Being healthy for my kids. Being healthy so I can support my crazy running addiction. Being healthy so I can live for a long time. Being healthy so I can feel good. The weight loss is just a byproduct of the healthy habits you create. I tell my clients that getting healthy first is the goal and the weight loss is a bonus! Making small changes every day really adds up, even if you don't think they do!

Changing your mindset can be tough, but you don't have to do it all at once. You are always a work in progress! Make a few small changes every week and stick to them. Watch your life start to evolve and change. I promise you will see a big difference. Make a vow to exercise 3 days a week if you aren't active at all. It's not realistic to go crazy and want to work out twice a day every day to lose weight if you aren't used to working out at all. Again, small changes. Rome wasn't built in a day, ya'll! Same thing with nutrition. If you're used to eating fast food every day, vow to only eat out twice a week instead of cutting it out altogether. Eventually you will see the health benefits of bringing a nice colorful salad to work with you instead of swinging by McDonalds for a combo meal. It's all a learning process that happens over time.

The sole purpose of my tribe evolution has everything to do with showing people how to be realistic with their lifestyle. To make a better version of their self. I'm here to provide the life tools, but work has to be done on the other behalf. My support is always here and I'll always be your biggest cheerleader-because I love nothing more than to see people work hard and succeed.

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