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That Post Baby Bod

It's no joke!

Get ready for some real talk. There's nothing better than being a momma, but carrying a child for 9 months does some damage to your body. I don't care how active you are, how well you eat, or how much body oil you slather on yourself, your body will change. I'm talking extra belly skin, stretch marks (not just on your belly, but thighs too), saggy tatas, wider rib cage, and other fun things that I won't get into right here! These "mommy badges" from carrying our babies are so worth it, but they can be hard to accept as well.

When you're born, you have a certain amount of fat cells in your body. The only time you acquire more is when you get pregnant. The fun part? You get more fat cells for each baby you carry! This is why women find it so hard to lose weight after having babies, especially when they have more than one child. With each pregnancy, there is more to lose, and with age it simply gets harder to lose the weight and return to what was your pre-pregnancy normal. Don't be discouraged. You can, and you will, find a new normal, and a healthy balance.

First, you have to accept your new body. Understand why your body has changed, thank it for helping you become a momma to a healthy baby, and know that the price you pay is well worth it. Second, allow yourself some grace and time to whip your body back into shape. It took me 6 months to a year (after each bambino) to get myself together. I was never a small pregnant person either, I gained around 40 lbs with each pregnancy. Third, know that for many of us there's something magical about the three month mark. You'll literally wake up and see major results around this time after giving it all you have for those first 12 weeks. I promise this is a thing, but you'll have to put the work in, both in the kitchen and moving your body, to see the magic happen.

Hang in there and embrace that new baby bod and everything that goes with it. There's a maturity that comes with going through this process-it's accepting the loose skin, the saggy boobies, and the things that (again) I just won't mention right here. It's also allowing ourselves a realistic time frame to get where we want to be. Pregnancy is tough, but so are you. You get something amazing out of it, which makes the process all worth it. Enjoy this time and all the craziness that goes with it. One day you will get chills realizing your body was able to carry, birth, and feed an amazing human being. That's something to be super proud of and we've got the battle wounds to prove it. Once you are able to accept the changes in your body, figure out what you are able to do to make progress toward your new normal, and commit yourself to a new definition of balance in your life, you'll feel better.

The changes you experience as a new and multi-time momma are tough.

However, with a plan, with a Tribe, and with an attitude of commitment and grace, you can find a way to love your body again.

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